Synspec Alpha Series

  1. The Synspec Alpha analyser for standardized applications where only one or two compounds are to be determined.
  2. It is a small, lightweight analyser, making transport and installation an easy job.
  3. Power consumption is low, the software has simple “surfaces” that make it easy for people who have no training in GC technology to run it without more than one day training.
  4. Alpha 114/115/116 for monitoring Methane/TNMHC.
  5. Alpha 401 for monitoring Benzene.

Synspec GC955 Series

  1. The GC955 series is the top line: these are flexible analysers for low ppb to ppt range analysis of up to 40 compounds in one analyser.
  2. The system can be supplied with 4 different detectors with a choice of 2 of them within one GC.
  3. A wide choice of separation column is available, temperature programming is available.
  4. This analyser is also available in applications measuring up tp % concentrations.
  5. Common usage of Synspec GC955 - POCP/Ozone Precursor and Aromatic Hydrocarbon.

Synspec Delta Series

  1. The Delta series is for applications in industry in ppm to % concentrations.
  2. The software of the Delta is very extensive to suit the need of the industrial user for data communication with control systems. The Delta is frequently supplied together with a stream selector.
  3. The Delta is supplied in two types:
    • Delta 100: with a loop, a packed column and as detector PID, FID or TCD.
    • Delta 300: with a loop, a capillary column and as detector PID, FID or TCD.