EETSB Services - Env. Monitoring, Software Development, System integration

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Service and Maintenance

  1. EETSB provides local expertise in service and maintenance of environemntal monitoring system. We are capable of conducting service and maintenance for all products supplied and other products too.
  2. We are also capable of conducting installation, testing and commissioning of environemntal monitoring system as a system integrator and consultant.
  3. Type of Service Contract:
    • Ad-hoc Service and Maintenance
    • Short-term/Long-term Maintenance Contract
    • Spare-parts and Consumables
    • Calibration and Troubleshooting

System Integration

  1. EETSB is a System Integrator for many types of Monitoring Systems. Incorporating technologies from our strong partners and technology providers, we ensure unique customer requirements are met while complying with regulations.
  2. Project Types:
    • Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)
    • Build, Train and Transfer (BTT)
    • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
    • Supply, Install and Commissioning
    • Design, Supply and Commisioning

Periodic Environmental Monitoring

  1. EETSB provides periodic environmental monitoring services in accorddance to DOE Malaysia standards and requirements.
  2. Stack/Chimney Monitoring:
    • Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA): CEMS & PEMS
    • ISOKINETIC Stack Sampling/testing (Dust)
  3. Environmental Monitoring:
    • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (HiVol/MiniVol)
    • Water/Effluent Quality Monitoring
    • Noise Monitoring (Fence-line/Boundary)
    • Marine Ecology Study
  4. All monitoring complete with reports as required.

System Development (IT)

  1. EETSB also provide system development to compliment the monitoring system or to meet customer needs in data reporting and management.
  2. System Developments:
    • CEMS Data Acquisition Software
    • CEMS Online (DOE) and Reporting System
    • Web-based Data Management System
    • Data Management and Reporting System
    • Web-based Application Development
  3. Systems developed by EETSB also comes with annual service and maintenance to ensure smooth running of the applications/software.

Calibration and Troubleshooting

  1. The installation of automatic monitoring system requires proper service, maintenance and audits in order to ensure the system continues to run efficiently with high reliability.
  2. Servicing and maintenance are important to assure the system was in good accuracy and can get an efficient data for client to review & to present to DOE.
  3. Servicing normally is executed quarterly or six month of the year depending on client request.
  4. The service involved is instrument configuration, troubleshooting, cleaning the area and maintenance of the replacement spare parts.

Trainings and Assessments

  1. Trainings are conducted (upon request) for all supplied system, products and instruments. Trainings can be conducted in EETSB facility or customer facility.
  2. We also concentrate on Hygiene Tech 1 & 2, IAQ Monitoring, Noise Monitoring, Isokinetic RAA, RATA, and other requirements.
  3. Our team also can provide training of system, chemical handling and chemical spill to general industries that involves in handling of the chemical in their businesses.