EETSB Environmental Data Management System

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EETSB offers the best solution in environmental data management system. Meeting requirements from the Department of Environment Malaysia (DOE) for environmental reporting.
  • Data Logging and Control System, and Data Transmission.
  • Online CEMS Data Reporting System - logging, statistic, reporting and online submission.
  • Comprehensive Air/Water Quality Data Management System - Data Acquisition, Validation, QA/QC, and Reporting.
  • Asset Management System (AMS) - complete solution to ensure reliability, stability and sustainability of your monitoring systems/instruments
  • Data Analysis Application - Dispersion, Modelling, Forecasting and Tracking capabilities.

WINAQMS Data Acquisition and Control

  1. WinAQMS is a data collection and control software and hardware for ambient air and emission monitoring applications.
  2. Windows® based system which provides full control over an entire monitoring station, enabling readings to be recorded, automatic calibrations to be performed and system errors to be monitored.
  3. WinAQMS interfaces to analysers via a RS232 multi-drop serial link, through a USB link or via TCP/IP network link.
  4. This allows it to collect data directly from the instruments in digital format thus eliminating digital to analog and analog to digital conversion errors.

Ecotech Asset Management System

  1. AMS provides a critical tool to manage maintenance scheduling down to task level as well as a central solution where all relevant calibration and maintenance records can be stored.
  2. This greatly facilitates any internal or external audit process and improves access to records for data validation.
  3. The system can be set up to comply to manufacturers recommendations, Malaysian Standard, AS/NZ standards and NATA requirements.

Airodis - Data Management Software

  1. Airodis - Data Collection, Validation and Reporting Software – powerful software for environmental data analysis.
  2. Airodis provides the user with the ability to automatically retrieve data from a wide variety of instruments and data loggers, perform audited automatic and manual data validation and generate a wide range of graphical and tabular reports.
  3. Airodis operates on Windows XP/7 and uses a SQL Server database. Supporting single or multi user installations, Airodis provides the user with the most stable, streamlined and easy to use package available for environmental data reporting.
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Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC) Modelling

EFDC_Explorer is a Windows-based GUI developed by Dynamic Solutions-International, LLC for pre and post processing of the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC). EFDC_Explorer is designed to support model set-up, Cartesian and curvilinear grid generation, testing, calibration, and data visualization, including 2D & 3D plots and animations of EFDC model results.
  • Discover the powerful modeling tools and features of the EFDC_Explorer Modeling System. Quickly build, run and calibrate your models with EE.
  • Training programs, video tutorials, FAQs, technical support & guidance are available locally by EETSB.
  • One of the most popular 3D hydrodynamic and water quality models available today, DSI is constantly adding new features and improvements.